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The Guy in the Tie

Serving Belleville, Kansas Republic County vicinity. 

Owned and operated by formerly-Middle-Tennessee's most highly qualified, and most senior Certified Master Cleaner/Master Restorer.

Due to a storm which erased my home, office, warehouse, shop, rug-washing plant and seven other buildings of mine, and non-responsive insurance companies, I was forced to relocate and rebuild in a more affordable place. After careful study and searching properties in ten states, I decided to move to Belleville, KS.

Call 785-955-0392

Mine is a small company, owned and operated by myself and a couple employees. Please leave a message if you get the "machine." We will give you personal attention as soon as we are available. Please leave your day and evening phone numbers and the nature of your call. If you are seeking a "phone guesstimate," dictate your room dimensions and we'll prepare one before we call you back. Even better, email your request to us! Be specific! The more information we have, the better we are able to help you.

Thanks again,


Gregory Thomas Tsao: CMC, CMR
IICRC Certification ID#18129

Our office is located downtown, on the South side of the square. In the Imaginary Colours building.

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