TMI Really Good News Testimonials

After each job, we send out a survey form so that we can be certain that we are pleasing our clients. The survey asks permission to use the client’s name. Some clients agree, and others prefer to maintain their privacy. Following, are a few of the many testimonials received from these surveys. In the case there’s a duplicate name, it is usually the survey comments from another job we did for that client.

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"This has been the most thorough and 'complete' cleaning I have ever had!! Along with a wonderful 'fresh' smell--not the chemical smell!! Great job!!" --Christy Busby, 37122

"Very good. Will use again." Ms. E.J. (privacy requested by client), 37205

"The carpet technician was courteous and competent…cleaned the best that could be done."--Linda Pettus, 37027

"I'm really glad you sent this survey because I was thinking about calling you to let you know how pleased I was with the carpet after it dried. I should have called you a long time ago...Thank you!"--Sandy Price, 37076

"I am very pleased with the work performed and will use TMI again."--Karen West, 37221

"Very good service. Treated my home as his own. (Greg) was very good at returning my phone call promptly and scheduling a cleaning."--Maria Bale, 37066

"Seemed to be knowledgeable about his job and has a lot of pride in his job."--Pat Sofranko, 37138

"The carpet technician was meticulous, courteous, and competent." (privacy requested by client), 37205

"(Greg) is very good at getting out stains." Mrs. M.G. Bass, 37215

"Excellent quality cleaning performed by Greg Tsao. Thank you." Ms. M.D. (privacy requested by client), 37027

"Does a great job for my home and business." Tom Zazzi, Belle Meade Drugs, 37205

"[TMI] was recommended to me and I was very pleased." Ms. L.E. (privacy requested by client), 37215

"Great service—Thanks!" Jennifer Frist, 37205

"I found Mr. Tsao to be very professional. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Good service." Don Ross, 37027

"Thanks for coming so quickly! The carpet technician treated my home as his own." Ms. F.C. (privacy requested by client), 37205

"Great service. Competent. Friendly." Renee Lohmann, 37138

"There were three spots of lipstick on my light blue carpet. They completely removed, not a trace of red left. Came on time. Did work quickly. Greg is tops." Mrs. Rebekah F. Thompson, 37220

"Great! The technician was competent, and advised me of my best options." Gina Fitzhugh, 37069