Upholstery Cleaning

Cleaning chairs by the pool in Belle Meade Note: the sprinkler is spraying into the pool, not onto the chairs :o)



Faded leather upholstery. View from the top looking down between the back cushion and the back.




Note the original swatch compared to the faded seat cushion.manufacturer said this leather "does not fade." The homeowner begs to differ.



40-year-old wool chair with crewel work. Note the big stain. This is one in a set of eight dining room chairs. These chairs have never been cleaned because every place the homeowner called to clean them, the companies refused the work.


The same chair, after cleaning by TMI Really Good News Company. Most of the stains, some of which were 40 years old, came out entirely, or 90+ percent.  The customer was more than thrilled! We also cleaned 40 years of cigarette smoke off the wood. It was important that we cleaned the dirt, but not ruined the patina. After cleaning, we also polished the wood.